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Teaching at Northern Illinois University.

Empowering our future students with not just design skills, but also the business acumen and confidence to thrive in the market.


Actively Teaching

Interactive Design 1 @ NIU

This studio course serves as an introduction to the core principles of interaction design and design thinking. Following a human-centered design approach, students engage in a comprehensive process encompassing research, concept generation, prototyping, and refinement.
Through a combination of individual and group projects, students are challenged to design mobile information systems and interactive experiences while honing their collaborative skills.
The curriculum is structured to explore design across three key levels: specific user interactions, contextual considerations, and broader systems. Throughout the course, students will master essential design methodologies including sketching, storyboarding, wireframing, and prototyping, among others. Notably, coding skills are not a prerequisite for enrollment. Successful completion of this course lays the foundation for participation in the Interaction Design Studio.

Interactive Design 2 @ NIU

Expanding upon the groundwork laid in Interaction Design Studio 2, this advanced course pushes students to further utilize their design thinking and methodology expertise across all assignments.


Collaborating in teams, students will delve into guerrilla research, synthesize data, and carefully weigh the needs of diverse stakeholders while crafting mobile services and intelligent systems.


Beyond traditional user interfaces, design considerations will extend to sensors, controls, and ubiquitous computing. A central focus of the course lies in students' capacity to translate imaginative concepts into tangible design solutions. Through the presentation of their work, students will refine skills essential to professional UX design practice.

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