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Streamlining Service Access and Support

The overarching objective of this project was to establish a customer-centric HUB, enabling seamless access to information about both available products and the customer's current inventory.







Sass Product

Type of Work


Web App


The Goal

The overarching vision was to minimize manual efforts for both users and our company. A key aspect of this vision was empowering users to effortlessly upgrade their packages at their convenience, thereby enhancing overall system flexibility and efficiency.

Context & Problem

Despite Dealer Inspire offering a plethora of tools to its customers, a significant issue emerged: clients lacked clarity on their enrollment status and the full spectrum of available tools at their disposal.


In instances where awareness did exist, customers resorted to a manual process involving contacting their account manager and arranging meetings to meticulously review each tool's functionalities, accompanied by discussions on pricing and other pertinent details.

A Better Way

Recognizing this challenge, the company embarked on building a customer-centric HUB. This platform empowers customers to effortlessly view their current enrolled tools while offering the capability to compare these with proposed additions.


The ultimate aim is to facilitate informed decisions that not only optimize tool usage but also drive revenue growth.

Design Process

Discovery and ideation

I took the helm in orchestrating the initial brainstorming sessions, channeling collaborative efforts to shape the foundational concepts for the dealer hub.


With a focus on understanding our customers' needs and pain points, I led the development of comprehensive journey maps that illuminated every step of their interaction with the platform.

Site Structure

The overarching structure of the hub was designed to be straightforward, providing users with a clear pathway to discover and explore new products without overwhelming them.

Site Map.jpg

Once the bulk of the research was completed and we had mapped out our development requirements, we began laying out the pages to gain insight into potential oversights or instances of oversimplification in the app's design.

The wireframes served as a valuable tool in validating that our research findings aligned with the planned user journey, ensuring continuity and effectiveness throughout the user experience.

Final designs

Balancing both the business objectives and the user needs posed the greatest challenge throughout the project. However, the end result achieved a harmonious equilibrium, providing users with comprehensive information about their services without inundating them.


Our aim was to move away from the conventional sales pitch and "Here are all our services" approach, opting instead for a more personalized and tailored user experience.

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype

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