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Contract Management Software

GovPort is a digital platform designed to streamline and enhance the interaction between government entities and citizens. It provides a secure and efficient way for individuals to access various public services, submit forms, and communicate with government officials. By centralizing these functions, GovPort aims to improve transparency, reduce administrative burdens, and foster a more user-friendly experience in governmental processes.






Sass Product

Type of Work



Web App

The Goal

GovPort aims to solve the problem of inefficient and cumbersome interactions between citizens and government agencies. By providing a centralized, digital platform for accessing public services, submitting forms, and communicating with officials, GovPort seeks to enhance transparency, streamline administrative processes, and improve the overall user experience in government-citizen interactions.

Context & Problem

Contract administrators face significant challenges due to the lack of a comprehensive tool that meets all their needs. They struggle to find a single solution that can securely save assets, track contracts, and monitor subcontractors. Additionally, there is no centralized repository for storing and accessing data on previous subcontractors.

GovPort aims to address these issues step by step. Our platform educates and guides users towards a unified tool that simplifies their workflow and enhances their efficiency. By integrating these essential functions into one secure, user-friendly system, GovPort empowers contract administrators to perform their duties more effectively.


  • Enhanced Tracking

  • Real-Time Compliance Updates

  • Comprehensive Partner Repository

  • Secure Asset Management

Design Process

Discover and Define

Once the bulk of the research was completed and we had mapped out our development requirements, we began laying out the pages to gain insight into potential oversights or instances of oversimplification in the app's design.

The wireframes served as a valuable tool in validating that our research findings aligned with the planned user journey, ensuring continuity and effectiveness throughout the user experience.


Final Designs | Our Build

After eight months of ideation and development, we launched a solid MVP that we believed would deliver substantial value to our customers. Following the launch, we actively incorporated customer feedback to continually enhance and expand the tool's features.

Within three months of entering the market, we successfully onboarded 106 customers and have retained the majority of our users. Not only did our tool match up to our competitors and prove its value in the market, but we also believe that it is intuitive and effectively solves real problems for our users. We remain committed to advancing the tool and meeting our users' needs.


We designed a customized dashboard where users can easily identify items needing attention, plan their daily tasks, and track their contracts. This intuitive interface helps streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.


  • Actionable Insights

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Data Integrity and Accuracy

Effective File Vault Management

By implementing these file vault management practices, contractors can effectively organize their documents, facilitate collaboration with subcontractors, and ensure that all project-related files are secure and easily accessible.


  • Centralize Documents

  • Structured Organization

  • Seamless Collaboration

  • Version Control & Audits

  • Enhanced Security & Backup

Tailor Contract Administrators UI

The Tailor Contract Administrators UI streamlines subcontractor and contract management, ensuring compliance throughout the contract lifecycle. Key features include a dashboard, contract repository, compliance checklists, and performance tracking, all within an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


  • Streamline Contract Management

  • Ensure Compliance

  • Enhance Subcontractor Oversight