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Empowering Conference Moderators

Queens University, in partnership with technology giants Pexip and HFC, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the conference moderation experience for their esteemed educators. The goal was clear: to develop a cutting-edge tool capable of seamlessly managing multiple online sessions across platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Pexip.


Queens University & Pexip




Video Conferencing & Management Tool 

Type of Work



Web App

The Challenge

As the Lead Product Designer, I faced an exhilarating challenge: to design a unified platform capable of handling the intricate scheduling and management of numerous lectures and class sessions. Moreover, the solution needed to seamlessly integrate with various video conferencing platforms while accommodating the diverse array of devices present in each classroom.

Understading and Clarity

Given that our tool would rely on various products and platforms, it was imperative to delve into the backend infrastructure to ensure seamless integration and accommodate future expansions. 

To find an effective solution, I had to go through multiple processes.


We recognized that our controller tool would not only interface with multiple video conferencing solutions but also interface with the diverse range of devices present in each classroom, essential for live streaming every class effectively.

Creating a Vision & Unity

After comprehensively grasping the client's requirements and project objectives, I embarked on crafting preliminary sketches and ideations to present to our clients, illustrating the envisioned direction for fulfilling their overarching requests.


We experimented with multiple layout designs and meticulously mapped out the user journeys, outlining the paths necessary for conference controllers to seamlessly navigate and manage their initial talks.