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Empowering Corporate Creativity through Design Harmony

Dealer Inspire has been addressing dealer challenges since 2016, offering chat products, streamlined purchasing transactions, and reporting platforms to enhance efficiency for both dealers and manufacturers.


While these solutions were introduced at different times, each with its own UI style guide, this approach prioritized speed. However, the time has come to establish a unified design system to harmonize our platform products.





Design Library

Type of Work





The Challenge

The challenge at hand was to develop solutions compatible with both native and web applications while navigating constraints imposed by earlier adaptations. Complicating matters further, we found ourselves managing five distinct libraries, each lacking comprehensive documentation on usage.


Over time, this lack of clarity led to numerous stakeholders contributing to the project, resulting in a crowded development landscape.

Growing Pains and Early Adaption

The most significant challenge we faced was the rapid growth of CARS/Dealer Inspire. We expanded so quickly that we often neglected to revisit and refine the foundational elements that were always in our minds.

#1 Multiple design systems
​#2 No unity with tools
​#3 Dev friction
#4 No collaboration

Our Process

Design Audit

Dive deep into your design assets, identify strengths, and uncover areas for enhancement.

Design Library Flow.jpg
Planned for Scalability

Dealer Inspire boasted a robust design department encompassing various branches, including product, web, cars, features, and OEM.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 6.14.12 AM.png
Planned Everything

Leveraging Jira proved instrumental in orchestrating our team efforts to propel forward our design layout.

The Design System

Design Principles

Foundational guidelines directing design decisions and maintaining consistency.

Mastering Components/Elements 

Reusable elements such as buttons, forms, and icons, designed to maintain visual coherence across all products and platforms.