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Home Building Operating System

Lennar Corporation, the second-largest home construction company in the United States, is experiencing rapid growth due to the high demand for homes.


To further streamline their operations and enhance productivity, they have expressed a need for a centralized tool that can manage all home documents and information in one location.







Management System

Type of Work


Web App


The Challenge

As the first product designer on the project, our main goal was to create a working MVP tool.


We had to understand and improve upon outdated tools from different divisions while also making sure our new tool made sense and could grow as the project expanded.

Understanding and Clarity

The initial steps in the project involved gaining a comprehensive understanding of Lennar Corporation's environment, as well as identifying and analyzing the needs of both the users and the business.

If you want to go far, go togethe


Through this process, the project team was able to gain valuable insights into the specific requirements and challenges faced by Lennar, enabling them to develop effective solutions that met the needs of all stakeholders involved. This process helped to ensure that the project was aligned with Lennar's overall goals and objectives, while also delivering tangible value to users of the proposed tool.

Creating a Vision & Unity

Once we understood their needs, I dove into creating multiple rough wireframes to spark ideas within the team. We tested different layouts and eliminated potential bottlenecks. Making tough decisions was essential, especially considering our audience's entrenched habits.

Users often require guidance to discover what they truly need.


We aimed to design something easy to use while also considering adoption rates when introducing this tool.

This is what we build and it worked. 

Our primary focus in designing and deploying this solution was to ensure effortless adoption for users, minimizing the learning curve while maximizing usability.


Additionally, scalability was a key consideration, allowing for seamless deployment across multiple divisions. Ultimately, our goal was to create a sophisticated and intuitive tool that revolutionizes the user experience.

Platform Experiences
A "Real" time dashboard

We ensured our dashboard not only displayed relevant metrics but also incorporated a live feature, updating in real-time without the need for manual refreshing.


Despite the cost, Lennar's fast-paced environment demanded this functionality to keep up with the rapid pace of operations.

Lennar Dashboard.jpg
​Starts Coordinator

The Stars Coordinator served as the linchpin for this entire process.


They were responsible for identifying which houses needed to be initiated for construction and then seamlessly transitioning this information into monthly and quarterly planning sessions.

Some Features

  • Track Houses

  • Run Reports

  • Inspect the data in mutiple needs