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Contrail Avoidance for the Climate

Reviate is dedicated to gathering comprehensive research on the impact of contrails on climate change. The mission is to develop informed solutions aimed at minimizing and mitigating global warming effects. Striving to accelerate the transition of contrail research into actionable strategies for combating climate change.



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Mobile App

Android Focus

Type of Work



Mobile App

The Mission

The overarching mission was to develop a user-friendly mobile app enabling enthusiasts to gather extensive information about contrails forming in the sky. The ultimate goal was to provide users with a tool to input their observations and photographs of contrails, consolidating this data into a centralized database. This would empower scientists with abundant information to formulate hypotheses and conclusions effectively.

Research & Understanding

Reviate's research and focus were centered on identifying our target audience to ensure the success of the app. We aimed to meticulously tailor the app's functionality to meet the specific needs of users, ensuring that every data point collected from their phones was meaningful.


Additionally, we prioritized understanding the requirements of scientists, recognizing the importance of pinpointing exact locations for climate change research and facilitating requests for additional data.

Creating a Vision & Unity

Simplicity and user-friendliness were paramount in the development of the application, given the anticipated large user base focused on submitting crucial research data.


To ensure alignment on user needs and goals, I took the initiative to draft the initial user flow. This provided a platform for collective understanding and agreement on the application's overall user requirements and objectives.